Our Philosophy

Noble House was founded by a group of European-based trust and banking experts, working with a law firm based in London, England, to provide a simplified, low-cost approach to international asset protection planning. Noble House is operated by PAN21, a leading provider of low-cost global business entity formation services globally, which has served clients in Europe for over 20 years.

Asset Protection is Expensive and Time-Consuming

Trust companies in established asset protection jurisdictions such as the Cook Islands, Nevis, Belize, Seychelles, and the Isle of Man charge thousands of dollars per year to serve as a trustee... and that is before they are asked to actually do anything. Add on top of this the sheer cost of hiring a lawyer to draft a trust agreement or LLC operating agreement, and you could easily spend over $100,000 to implement a competent asset protection plan.

Do you know just how long it takes to set up an offshore trust?  Don't believe lawyers or trust officers when they say "a matter of weeks."  Try 3-6 months... or LONGER... on average.  Can you wait that long to protect your wealth?

Over-regulation in the international trust industry has not helped.  Originally, important "know your customer" rules were implemented to curb terrorism financing, but then that expanded to try and detect a much broader set of financial crimes and socially less-desirable activities.

Over the past decade, many of these so called "secrecy" jurisdictions have ramped up regulation.  They now impose onerous due diligence requirements simply to show the world that they appear to be doing something useful. Prospective clients are put to a time-consuming paper chase to furnish passports, utility bills, bank references, and letters of recommendation from lawyers and accountants. What in the world does your CPA's blessing have to do with protecting one's assets?  And do you really want to trust that your private financial information won't be sold to the highest bidder by a government clerk sitting in one of these third world countries?

It only gets worse if you try and open a bank account... Did you know that many international banks want to see five years of your past tax returns before they will even talk to you?  That's right:  The rules that were designed to stamp out a couple of guys hiding out in a cave in Afghanistan has now fostered an entire industry of regulators and service providers bent on making sure that you pay a small fortune to prove that you are a good citizen.

Over-Regulation is Choking Offshore Jurisdictions

Save Your Money and Protect Your Assets

Establishing an international asset protection plan has become far too expensive and cumbersome for most people. At Noble House, we look to simplify the process and eliminate the red tape, streamlining the client acceptance process and reducing costs to a bare minimum.

A Cayman Islands Asset Protection Trust costs merely $500, and not a dime more. Want to add a Wyoming LLC for added protection and flexibility? That will cost you an extra $250. Think about it: For $750, you get to enjoy a product that costs most people close to six figures to set up with a lawyer. We are confident in saying that nobody – and we mean nobody – offers a better deal anywhere on the planet.


Noble House was founded by a group of Swiss, German, English, and South African bankers to provide high value, low cost trust and business entity services to clients regardless of wealth or sophistication. Our clients cover the full spectrum of personal wealth, but they all share one thing in common: They hate to waste money!

We Know Our Business

Our service team includes experienced international bankers and asset protection lawyers. We work on a daily basis with leading banks and law firms to implement cost-effective solutions.

We are the future of asset protection planning

Our $500 Cayman Islands Asset Protection Trust has revolutionized the international asset protection trust industry. Let's face it: There is simply no good reason to spend more than you have to, and you get the complete package with us. Sure, you can hire a lawyer to draw up your own trust agreement, or add a few bells and whistles that we don't normally include in our standard forms. But that's up to you.

Want to know more?

We invite you to schedule a 30-minute consultation with us for the low, low price of $500. You read that correctly: We charge to take phone calls from prospective clients. Why? Because we are busy enough serving clients at $500 per trust. Seriously, if you want to invest the time to learn more – or get your lawyer or CPA on the phone with us – click the link to schedule a consultation.

And if you require more than 30 minutes, that's fine, too... Simply purchase as many 30-minute sessions as you desire to help you make up your mind.

Or you could simply hire us.  You decide.